Our History

It’s June 2007 and a new running store, the Moorestown Running Company, has just opened up along Main Street in Moorestown.  Later that summer, Tom Elliott, training for his first marathon at Philly that fall and looking for some company, pops into the store and starts chatting with Ed Scioli, who’s been working there since it opened.  A veteran of many marathons, Ed mentions that he’s bumped into another long-time runner, Kevin Brake.  So the three of them, along with another runner, Brian Tyler, start getting together for long runs lasting up to 3+ hours and lots of conversations about cartoons.

A short time later, Larry Friedman, who is friends with Bob Bickel, co-owner of the store, and some other local runners, Terry McWilliams, Paula Martin, and Dawn McCarthy, start joining the group for runs as well.  The Hanson-Brooks Distance Project running club had been gaining in popularity at this time and, with the close association with the running store, Ed comes up with the name for this newly formed running club: Moorestown Distance Running Project, or MDRP for short.

Over 15 members of the club would go on to race the Boston Marathon together that next spring. And, what started as a small group of men and women getting together and training for marathons, has since grown to over 100 members strong, runners of all abilities and experience, competing in track meets, cross-country and trail races, road races, ultra marathons, and triathlons. Our club continues to strive to this day, welcoming new members who share that same passion and joy, simply looking to have fun when it comes to running.